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To aid troublefree operation of the machinery, CNC Assist strongly recommends that regular servicing is carried out, the frequency of which is dictated by the production patterns of the machine.

By inspecting and monitoring essential areas of the machine, potential component failures can be identified and corrected prior to unplanned loss of production. By maintaining a record of measurements taken during the service work, problem areas can be identified and component failures can be predicted.

Components nearing their lifespan can be brought to the customers attention and replaced during the next planned maintenance.

CNC Assist will devise a service plan for your machine, and provide advance notice when a service visit is due. This provides customers with the opportunity to organise their production, minimising disruption.

CNC Assist is able to offer a range of fault finding skills to its customers.

Mechanical/Pneumatic:- mechanical and pneumatic faults are diagnosed using recognised techniques and suitable measurement equipment.

Electrical:- electrical faults are efficiently traced using the schematic drawings, provided by the machine manufacturer, suitable measurement equipment and the monitoring of relevant PLC inputs and outputs.

Logic:- logic faults are traced using tools provided by the machine manufacturer. Intermittent faults can be effectively located by utilising monitoring software available on the machine.




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